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Our Value Proposition

Studies have identified five science-backed attributes that make people happy in their jobs:
  • Work that challenges you: difficult-but-doable activities
  • A sense of progress: did I get something done, and does it matter ?
  • No fear: people agree to be accountable for the work they deliver, but fear is counterproductive
  • Autonomy: autonomy and control over one’s life matters more to happiness than money
  • Belonging: one of the strongest motivation for engagement

  Business Beacon is a web based project management platform
enabling seamless, game changing experience of coordination and collaboration
for your team
  • Availability of information, reinforcing the feelings of autonomy, belonging and recognition
  • Transparency of information, reinforcing the feelings of fairness, security and trust
  • Clarity of information, reinforcing the feelings of serenity, commitment and fulfillment
We are strong believers that a happier team is also a more engaged, more productive team!
Technically, Business Beacon is:


Get your entire team started in less than 2 hours. Navigate easily through an intuitive environment, where eveything works as expected !


Improve your team efficiency. Have everybody working together smoothly, knowing who does what, and when. At any time.


Get a 360° view of your entire business operations. Visualise projects advancement, predict ressources workload, track tasks, messages, documents, ...

Address all you business operations in a clear, meaningful way

Business Beacon addresses the most blatant and critical aspects of running business operations:
  • making sure every resource gets his/her tasks assigned in a clear, easy, timely fashion
  • making sure every project is on track, on time, on budget
  • enabling straightforward and engaging internal communication and documents sharing
  • gathering all relevant info and present it in meaningful, decision making dashboards
  • boost team members efficiency and global business performances !
In a way that is:
  • simple
  • efficient
  • powerful
but also:
  • engaging
  • affordable


A quick look as the app's basic functionalities.

Planning View

View every ressources' assignment in calendar view

Tasks assignments

Easily assign tasks to one or more ressources


Enter timesheets info for accurate measure of tasks's efforts and invoicing data


Exchange messages about running projects, retrieve or share conversations without the hassle of manipulating multi-forwarded e-mails


Define human and material ressources, their costs and revenues, their access permissions


Manage company's documents through the app. Retrieve them per project, creator, type, name, ...

Global Projects Overview

Get an overview of all your project's status, including instant budget consumption

Forecasted Workload / Availability

Anticipate ressources workload and availability, spot clashes through easy-to-read graphics

Project Gantt view

Get a detailed view of a specific project, completed tasks, remaining work, ... at a glance !

Features matrix

A more detailed look at what's inside,
based on getapp.com features list for Project Management & Planning Apps.

Activity Dashboard		: yes
Activity Tracking		: yes
API				: yes
Assignment Management		: yes
Automatic Notifications		: yes
Automatic Reminders		: yes
Billable Hours			: yes
Budget Control			: yes
Budgeting & Forecasting		: yes
Business Intelligence		: yes
Calendar Management		: yes
Chat				: yes
Chat Functionality		: yes
Client Portal			: yes
Collaborative Workspace		: yes
Communication Management	: yes
Configurable Workflow		: yes
Cost Tracking			: yes
Custom Fields			: yes
Customizable Fields		: yes
Data Import/Export		: yes
Document Storage		: yes
Drag & Drop Interface 		: yes
Email Integration		: yes
Estimating 			: yes
Expense Tracking 		: yes
File Management			: yes
File Transfer			: yes
Financial Management		: yes
Forecasting			: yes
Gantt Charts 			: yes
Import / Export Data		: yes
Instant Messaging 		: yes
Issue Management		: yes
Issue Tracking			: yes
IT / Software Projects 		: yes
IT Cost Management 		: yes
Job Costing 			: yes
Knowledge Base			: yes
Milestone Tracking		: yes
Multiple Projects 		: yes
Permission Management 		: yes
Planning Tools 			: yes
Prioritizing			: yes
Process Management 		: yes
Progress Reports		: yes
Progress Tracking 		: yes
Project Accounting 		: yes
Project Budgeting 		: yes
Project Development		: yes
Project Planning 		: yes
Project Time Tracking		: yes
Project Tracking 		: yes
Project Workflow 		: yes
Real Time Notifications		: yes
Real Time Reporting 		: yes
Real Time Updates		: yes
Recurring Tasks 		: yes
Resource Allocation 		: yes
Resource Management 		: yes
Role-Based Permissions 		: yes
Shared Workspace		: yes
Status Reporting		: yes
Status Tracking			: yes
Summary Reports			: yes
Task Planning 			: yes
Task Scheduling 		: yes
Task Tracking 			: yes
Team Calendars 			: yes
Third Party Integration		: yes
Time & Expense Tracking 	: yes
Time Tracking by Project 	: yes
Timer 				: yes
Timesheet Management 		: yes
Timesheets 			: yes
To-Do List 			: yes
User Access Controls 		: yes
Workflow Management 		: yes
Google Calendar integration	: yes
Outlook Calendar integration	: yes
Meeting wizard			: yes


20 years experience - A brand new app!

  • 1996-2011

    The beginning

    VEN Brussels was founded in june 1996 by Christophe Dutordoir.

    The company has since then been active on the Belgian web scene with over 445 web references.


    But it is mainly in the area of complex, high added value database developments that VEN Brussels earned its solid reputation, notably with e-commerce and/or ticketing systems.


    VEN Brussels has also been involved in complex custom developments for companies or institutions like Petrofina – worldwide security datasheets intranet – DG JAI (Justice et Affaires Intérieures) intranet, Batibouw, Photo Hall & Magritte e-commerce website, to name a few.

  • March 2011

    VEN Brussels joins Emakina

    In 2011, VEN Brussels consolidated it's customer’s portfolio, and joined Emakina, leading european digital agency.

  • December 2016

    Launching of Business Beacon

    After several years of fruitful collaboration with Emakina, VEN Brussels decided to regain its independance, and to launch a project of it's own: Business Beacon.


    For so many years, VEN Brussels operations have totaly relied on a in-house application called
    ... the Intranet :-)


    With such a positive experience, we finaly decided to bring this application - now entirely redeveloped and renamed Business Beacon - to the market, for the greatest benefit of our customers.


    Beacon [bee-kuh n]
    noun : a guiding or warning signal, as a light or fire, especially one in an elevated position.

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Business Beacon can serve as a great platform to build your advanced business developments. At some stage, you will want us to develop functionalities designed specifically for your business. Integration, API, web services ...
Just call us, we are prepared for this!

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