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Black Metal (1998)
This is a voyage to a know country: Belgium, a Belgium of ordinary villages that one rarely has reason to visit.
This is where concerts are staged for the Black Metal crowd, who come for the violent and brutal rock with its ambiguous overtones.
Dressed in black, covered in grease paint, studded with nails and cartridges and masquerading as barbarians, teenagers meet, dance, drink, joust, try their hands at seduction, and talk of the concert ... their Saturday night fever.
They explain awkwardly their yearning to escape from a drab reality, their empty existences, Ihe work-a-day lives most of them have succumbed to already.
They know nothing of History, and dream of a cruel and barbarous world and the extermination of Christianity... Although they wish it didn't scare the girls.
And yet, they don't really scare anyone. For their parents and the villagers, it's just a passing phase; for the organisers, it's a market like any other.
In these rites of passage from adolescence to adulthood, the boredom is always there with the violence of their commitment where forever rhymes with never.
Some of them will move on to something else with the same conviction.
Those who are unemployed will no doubt remain so, and some will become increasingly marginalised.
Some will revert to their families and rejoin their clan. And for others, the appeal of the extremism will make them perfecl candidates for the extrema right.

This is happening in Belgium, but it's happening elsewhere too.
Directed by
Marilyn Watelet

Pierre Gordower

Bruno Vandendriessche and Pierre Mertens

Rudi Maerten

A Paradise-Films / RTBF-Liège coproduction, 1998